Thursday, February 17, 2011

OK OK I DID IT!!! Just for nicole key and tia marie

We are going to Disneyland with just addi next week! that is the most exciting think in our house this past month or so! OK OK I did it! I get crap all the time for not updating but I really never sit at a computer! I do that all day at work! hahaha and i suck at this so here is an explanatin of the pictures. date night with dad, we take just addi out at least once a week so she can get time with us by herself! she is such a good big sister though and she loves scotti so much! sophee and addi best friends EVER! scotti's casts (she doesnt seem to mind hem)Some Family pics our friend did for us and THE ONLY PIC FROM CHRISTMAS I GOT thanks to my sister Amy! Sorry i suck at updating and I dont take many or good pictures... but here ya go!



tylerandtia said...

YAY!!! Good job! I cannot believe how big they are! They are so so cute! How fun that you guys are going to Dineyland! Addi is going to LOVE LOVE it! :) Nik and I's name has a ring to it ha ha huh Nik? Keep updating Marg! You'll be glad ya did some day! Love ya! Dinner sooon?

Key Family said...

WAHOOO you blogged haha.

Scotti is getting so big. and so is addi. She will have so much fun at Disney Land. Your family is cute:)

Key Family said...

what the tia we both commented at the EXACT same time

we must be bfs or something hahah

Margie said...

oh gees thanks guys! goof balls!

The Pearson's said...

You did it for me too! Ha! I always check your blog and you never update it so it was nice to see you are still alive ;)! Your kids are BEAUTIFUL! How fun that you guys are just taking Addi to Disneyland! Im jealous! Keep the blog posts coming! I hope you are all doing well!