Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bed rest

So I went to labor and delivery last week cause I was having cramps and contractions. Next thing I know I am getting sterroid shots to help the baby develop cause I am in pre term labor. I was only at a 1cm but 70% efaced!!! from that moment I got put on strickt bed rest no work or walking across the wal mart parking lot until after the baby comes. I'M GOING CRAZY!!!! So while i'm sitting doing nothing I figured I need a project soooo I'm making tutu's! So cute. Addi loves hers (sorry no pics) I am willing to sale them if anybody would like to make an order HA

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Jeremie.Nikki.Presli + Zoee said...

Hey now you can update your blog more haha.. Hopefully you make it a few more weeks at least before you deliver!!! At least you found a super fun easy project..